Book Signings

Come and browse through hundreds of books from our on-site booksellers: Tales on Moon Lane for the English editions and La Page for those who can read French. All the artists will be happy to sign their books. What a treat!

Thursday 22 November
Aurélia Fronty & Franck Prévot
12pm-12.30pm | Entrance Hall

Friday 23 November
Alexandre Franc & Karrie Fransman
7.30pm-8pm | Adult Library

Saturday 24 November
David Litchfield & Kris Di Giacomo
12.30pm-1pm | Entrance Hall

Magali Le Huche
1pm-1.30pm | Entrance Hall

Axel Scheffler, Tor Freeman & Ronan Badel
1.15pm-1.45pm | Entrance Hall

Ronan Badel & Tor Freeman
3pm-3.30pm | Entrance Hall

Emma Lewis
4pm-4.30pm | Entrance Hall

Victor Dixen & Philip Reeve
4.30pm-5pm | Adult Library

Kris Di Giacomo, Charlotte Gastaut, Aurélia Fronty & Franck Prévot
5pm-5.30pm | Entrance Hall

Sunday 25 November
Chris Haughton
12pm-12.30pm | Entrance Hall

Dianne Hofmeyr & Joe Todd Stanton
2pm-2.30pm | Entrance Hall

Clémentine Beauvais & Julian Sedgwick
2.30pm-3pm | Entrance Hall

Magali Le Huche & Chris Haughton
2.45pm-3.15pm | Entrance Hall

Bridget Marzo
4pm-4.30pm | Entrance Hall